Frequently Asked Questions

What information should I provide?

To benefit from our editing and writing services: the manuscript, if you need it edited, organized, corrected or translated.
Design and Drafting: sketches, drawings, AutoCAD files, photos or anything else you have that might help us better understand your invention or innovation.
Image editing: your image(s); it helps if you mention the changes you want.
For our industrial engineering, data modeling, instructive writing and data mining services, we need plenty of information concerning the business itself, your data etc., so for the first contact, please provide as much information as you can about the specific issue.


In what format do I get my manuscript / drawings / images back?

Documents – word or PDF;
Drawings / images - JPG, PNG, PDF, or any format you need.


What is the turnaround time?

We schedule our work based on your deadline, but please understand that some detailed jobs require more time than usual.



Please read our nondisclosure agreement (NDA) before you send us your materials at You can view our nondisclosure agreement in the “NDA” section at the bottom of each page.


Where do I find your prices?

You can find prices on the “Services” page at the end of each section. Still, for some jobs it is impossible to give an estimate without knowing what it really implies. Therefore, we kindly ask you to send us the information, so we can give you a realistic quote.


What are the prices for image editing?

You can find them in the table below:
Complexity Turnaround time No.of images Price / image
simple 3-5 working days 1-10 € 0.75
24 - 36 hours € 1.50
> 10 please ask for a quote
medium 3-5 working days 1-10 € 1.25
24 - 36 hours € 2.00
> 10 please ask for a quote
complex 5-6 working days 1-10 € 3.00
36 - 48 hours € 5.00
> 10 please ask for a quote
very difficult 6-7 working days 1-10 € 5.00 to € 10.00
36 - 72 hours € 7.00 to € 15.00
> 10 please ask for a quote


How do I know the project complexity?

Simple: the contour of the object to remove / change / replace etc. is clean-cut, straight;
Medium: the contour has several curves, the image has imperfections or shades;
Complex: high level of details, many shades of the same color;
Very difficult: very complicated details which must be addressed pixel by pixel.


Can I get corrections or revisions?

Corrections needed due to our wrongdoing, as well as small revisions will be done at no charge.
Additional pages, drawings, reports etc., or major changes to any part of the project will be charged at our normal rate.


What is the difference between trademark creation and trademark drawing?

Well, we draw the trademark after we create it, unless you already have the concept and a sketch of it, case in which we draw it.


Why do you say you change current pages to make them responsive?

Because many people invested a lot of money, time and energy to create their page and it is better to improve it as is. The content might be still good, the offers, descriptions etc., so why to waste it? It might only need a “face-lift”.


Do you provide any other services?

Yes, we do. Graphic design, industrial product design, fashion design, website design & development, AutoCAD drafting, private tutoring.


Can you help me if I only have a rough idea of what I want to do?

We cannot guarantee that. But we can surely do our best. In the past we took projects from embryonic stage (a concept or an idea) and we designed and developed them.