Data Scientist

Job requirements:

Bachelor or Master degree / PhD in Mathematics (Statistics), Computer science or Business, 3-5 years of relevant professional experience, especially in:
    • identifying the most appropriate data analysis techniques necessary for customer requirements;
    • data sourcing, data capture and data preparation (standardizing data formats, enriching source data, and/or removing outliers);
    • designing, building, testing and validating analytics models using statistical and other quantitative techniques;
    • the use of databases, statistical packages for data manipulation and development of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive models (statistical software: R or Python, statistical software: SQL, data visualization packages: SAS, SPSS, Tableau);
    • complex descriptive analytics, such as market basket analysis (using clustering, association rules);
    • data modeling and data management, integration and manipulation of large datasets;
    • working in a cloud environment.


    • rephrase business questions into statements with mathematical solutions;
    • verify and restore the integrity, validity, entirety, accuracy and consistency of data source;
    • choose / design and apply appropriate modeling techniques (statistical or machine learning techniques) to obtain value-added insights;
    • identify meaningful results and present them using visualizations tools;
    • translate analysis results into business recommendations which support business understanding and decision making.

If you are interested in this job, please send your CV to: