Content editing (reorganizing or restructuring the content of a document, in order to make it well organized, well written, and easy to understand - accurate, readable, free of errors, omissions, repetitions, inconsistencies etc.;)

Applies to: all types of documents.

Price: from € 5 to € 7 per page (500 words, or 3000 characters with space)

Copy editing, or copyediting (correcting the language of the text, checking a document for punctuation, spelling, capitalization, grammatical errors, including verb tenses and other adjustments, such as: correct translation of idiomatic expressions, correction of terms misusage and cacophony, style of language suggestion improvement, diacritical marks insertion or removal etc.;

Applies to: all types of documents.

Price: from € 0.01 to € 0.03 per word

Typecoding (usually the job of the copyeditor and a necessary step to ensure the coherent style of the document, involves checking and changing some elements, such as: chapter numbers, titles and subtitles, headings and subheadings, table of contents, page numbers, numerals, table and figure numbers, lists, footnotes and endnotes, alphabetization of the bibliography / reference list etc.)

Applies to: all types of documents: PhD dissertations, Master's degree theses etc.

Price: from € 99.99 to € 200.00 per document

Proofreading means reviewing the final draft of the document to ensure consistency and accuracy in all the above: grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting;

Applies to: all types of documents.

Price: from € 0.006 to € 0.015 per word.

Translation - technical, literary

Applies to: all types of documents.

Price: from 0.10 € to 0.12 € per word.

Consecutive / Liaison / Whispered & Simultaneous Translation / Interpreting:
English - Romanian, Romanian - English

Applies to: business language, colloquial dialogues.

Price: from € 25 to € 35 per hour or:
           from € 130 to € 180 per 6-hour day.

Ghostwriting: fiction, nonfiction, academic (management), religious (catholic and orthodox) and website writing.

Applies to the following types of literature: autobiography, biography, novel, short story, legend, folk tale, myth, anecdote, essay, science fiction, fable.

We do not ghostwrite: poetry, ballads, oratory speeches, news stories, newspaper articles.

Price: please ask for a free quote.

Please note that we do NOT accept any subject which might be offensive, lead to invasion of someone's privacy, defamation, calumny, or contain obscenities!



Instructive writing for business includes elaboration of:
- work instructions & procedures,
- workflow diagrams,
- guides– HACCP,
- policies,
- organizational knowledge documentation.

Price: from € 250 to € 1500 for work instructions and procedures;
           from € 250 to € 500 for HACCP manuals;
           Prices vary due to project complexity, so please ask for a free quote.



Design & Drafting / Drawing / Rendering of:
- commercial products (including fashion items, furniture, building parts - stairs, decorative metals, roofing etc.),
- mechanical or machine drafting,
- flow-charts and graphs,
- custom logos,
- business / corporate identity sets (logo, business cards, letterhead templates, envelopes, folders),
- trademark drawings.

Price for - design / utility drawings: from € 50 to € 250 per figure,
               - rendering (of full or partial exploded views, cut-away and cross sectional views, 3D modeling): from € 50 per figure,
               - flow-charts and graphs: from € 30 to € 150 per figure,
               - custom logos: from € 300 to € 500,
               - business / corporate identity: from € 300
               - trademark drawing: from € 30 to € 100 per figure.

Trademark Creation
Price including the trademark drawing: from € 80 to € 150 per figure.

Technical Illustration

Price from € 50 to € 250 per figure,


Price: Prices vary due to project complexity, so please ask for a free quote.



Industrial Engineering

We examine the current state of things – how the systems interact with each other, if the processes run smooth, whether the resources (energy, money, time, knowledge, human resources) are used optimally or not, if the productivity is at its highest possible level, if the workers are safe, their tasks are properly and timely fulfilled, how much time they are idle, the frequency and cause of work-related incidents, the number of reported defects in a certain period of time, recalls or withdrawals, the manner in which the unsatisfied clients are treated, after-sales services, the percentage of waste, reuse, recycling etc..

First step is to clearly identify the problem and translate it into language understandable for all the departments involved. Then we get to the root of it, find out where it originates and why. We analyze the cause and its multiple effects, we propose the solution(s), run “what-if “scenarios, check how they affect other parts of the overall system, verify if the changes actually work for the stated problem, what are the costs of applying the solutions, assist their implementation and validate the changes over a certain period of time.

Data Modeling

We assist you in creating a data model for your data to be stored in a Database. Therefore, we can:
- create the workflow and data structure diagram (DSD);
- analyze which type of database model will optimally fit your needs;
- establish which database management system (DBMS) is best for you.

Price: Prices vary due to project complexity, so please ask for a free quote.



- statistics for business;
- analysis of hidden data patterns and relationships, by progressively choosing different categories and searching for the meaningful “behavior” which can be translated into useful information, with the ultimate goal of assisting in business decision making; data mining is a valuable knowledge discovery process which helps identify sales trends, predict customer behavior and loyalty, plan better marketing campaigns, solve problems etc.

Price: please ask for a free quote.



Image editing
We can provide the following services:
Remove / subtract unwanted objects, such as:
- background,
- shadows,
- wire mannequins and torso mannequins (create “ghost-mannequins”)
- scratches, spots, stains, defects, mirror-objects,
- logos, watermarks, notes,
- objects, persons, pets etc,
- time stamps,
- inadequate color blends,
- noise from the background / contrast;

Change: - colors of commercial items (apparel, footwear, bags, cosmetics, cars, furniture, upholstery, house-hold appliances, jewelry, packaging etc.),
- background image, color or transparency,
- logos,
- objects, texts,
- light, shadows, shades;

Adjust or correct:
- shape and size, orientation, scale,
- color, brightness, density and contrast of the picture,
- traces of transparent or see-through mannequins,
- over-exposure or under-exposure to light,
- retouch face imperfections and spots or marks,
- discoloration, curves, angles, shadows, shades;

Recreate / restore:
- damaged or missing parts (of different elements in old photos, paintings etc.),
- the brand or label details on apparels exhibited on ghost-mannequins,
- replace background,
- proper material texture,
- logos,
- objects, text,
- color saturation of colors, shadows and shades,
- the original brightness of the picture;

Add to the image:
- background landscape, background color,
- special effects (black and white edits, blur or mask, mosaic, vignette, glamour etc.),
- logos,
- persons, objects, other elements – natural or artificial – to create a virtual environment,
- shadows, shades.

Price: Prices vary due to project complexity (simple, medium, complex or very difficult), so please ask for a free quote.

Web page creation

We can also make your current web page responsive, using HTML and CSS.

Price: please ask for a free quote.